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we all have a mind we call our own
sometimes we call it “me”
well most of us don’t mind our minds
but i probably spend too much time
minding my mind

i sit and try to make things different
but control is just an illusion
we all are free
it’s just that we can’t see
see that we’re free

all of sudden i feel better
like your arm around my shoulder
or putting on a fuzzy sweater
yeah well i feel better
so much better

i ask my mind “who am I?”
and wait patiently for a reply
what i hear is “i am you”
but how can that be true?
there can’t be two

i try to control what i think
in pops a picture of the kitchen sink
i bet even you can’t not think
of that metal kitchen sink
we don’t control what we think

all of a sudden i feel better
like the smell of lovely lavender
or spending time with my mom dad and brother
oh i feel better
oh so much better oh


from In the Background, released May 6, 2016




Scott Lippitt Cincinnati, Ohio

I hope these tunes leave you with a happy heart and an intrigued mind.Thanks so much for your interest!

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